Cafe Society

It was a very romantic look at a moment in time.
I myself am a sucker for a movie that gives a take on old school Hollywood and Woody Allen did a beautiful job with Cafe Society.

The cinematography on this one did a great job of capturing the feel of 1930s California and New York city. I can’t get over how beautiful this thing was shot. A knock out combination of lights setting and music to bring out the mood.

And the jazz numbers that lace this flick did just that for setting that beautiful tone

Jesse Eisenberg started off a little too much Woody Allen at first (one particular scene in the beginning that acts like a hilarious sketch routine, where Jesse’s character Bobby buys a hooker). It did get some getting use to, before it became his own thing.

Corey Stoll’s character Ben, a though Jew who becomes a night club owner, whole involvement in the film taste like Scorsese light, which only made it even that more interesting.

It’s a good Woody Allen comedy,but They are all good to me. If you like one you like them all (but I’m more partial to the ones he does not star in, like this one), and it’s super impressive he does one of these on annual basis and he’s able keep the quality constant.

It’a funny film with laugh out loud moments, and very crafty narrative narrated by Allen himself. This movie is just another love letter with the city he loves (and a thoughtful P.S you’re OK too California), and makes Woody feel like such a helpless romantic, but that’s what makes the movie so good to watch.

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