Not what I expected, and as a result, it was ok.
The last Gerard Butler movie I saw was Plane just a few months ago. I like that film a lot, and I expected this movie to be similar. It has more similarities to Guy Riche’s The Convenient, but not as engaging. It had a lot to it, to the point that Butler seemed like a name to get butts in the seat. Butler plays a spy who just implemented a strike and is about to go home to fix his life when his mission causes a new one to come up and puts him back into the game. A lot of the film is from the perspective of the bad guys, one of which was played by a sexy brown skin man who had no appeal to me but seemed to be an attempt not to villainize the antagonist, which should have worked but just added too much to the movie.  It went to slow for my taste, and the chemistry between the actors was not great. Enjoyed the ended buy it does not justify the film
Skip it.

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