Fast X

Even the credits felt like a Marvel movie. This was another milestone for the Franchise like Fast Five in which they officially become Superheroes. Jason Momoa, puts a little too much pineapple on that spices ham but as villains go the Fast & The Furious franchise are definitely Avengers level (in terms of quantity of big bads)
Momoa plays the family of a past Big Bad and in very Helmet Zemo from Captain America, the Civil War way, he puts together a devious plan to destroy Dom’s family like Dom destroyed his.

Has all the marks for a Fast Formula. The Gang’s all here and everyone gets their moment to shine bright which is amazing cause the gang gets bigger every go around. Including the Big Bad from the last movie becoming part of Dom’s family.

But the best part…This movie is truly like a car going 240 miles an hour and never shows any sign of stopping. The action sequences are epic. This time around Vin Diesel plays more into Dom’s impossible feats as they become more normalized in this film.

Granted the only downside is that if you’ve never seen the previous nine movies you may not get everything, but the action is too fantastic not to sit back and enjoy the ride.

This totally makes up for Fast 9 which I did not get into, but I think I got to see this movie again and again before it leaves the theatres.

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