Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

It was a hell of a ride, and if this is going to be the last of the GOG volumes than it was not a bad last volume. I will not lie; I could not help comparing it to the other volumes and in that comparison, I like the others better, not to say this was not highly thrilling.

This volume was funny. It felt like that was the best the movie had to offer overall. Just a lot of fun rich jokes. It was strange if you think about how much it cost in special effects to make this movie and they made a movie where a lot of funny talking is happening. They gave James Gunn a lot of freedom to do some character development to the Guardians. Did we really need that? I’ll just say I now see why Dave Bautista was like he did not want to be known as Drax the Destroyer for his overall acting career.

The movie did have a lot of really good action scenes spread through the entire film. On one side, this film was all about the Guardians bonding, but despite how intimate that was met to be the movie felt big. Not the biggest Marvel movie I’ve seen but their efforts were worth seeing on the big screen.

And give it up for the High Evolutionary. Don’t know much about the character so I can’t speak on accuracy, but he was evil. I’m glad the Marvel Cinematic universe is getting better with the villains.

My only real complaint was the soundtrack. Great songs overall but it did not fit into the story being told like with the other volumes.

Overall, it was a good movie as far as movies go, as part of the MCU like other movies (like Ant-Man 3 which came out earlier this year) I feel the magic winding down, but so far this was the best offering for Marvel studios for 2023.

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