The Medallion

Seems like one of those premature attempts for Jackie Chan to increase his longevity in cinema. it’s not a bad one. Frist and foremost Jackie Chan is the man who can do all his own stunts and he does that here, no doubt, but this is not a Jackie Chan film and he’s not doing anything Jackie Chan in the film. I bet he did not even break a nail with all his self-done wire jumps.

in fairness to Chan plays a special agent that comes across a medallion that makes him a superhero. not the American superhero with a fancy costume or anything but the type of superhero that explains all the obvious wirework being done.

With stars like Claire Forlani, Julian Sands and John Rhys-Davies  in the movie I’m expecting this was met to be better than it was, but the world did not want to see Jackie be so Americanize, not just yet. this movie would have gone over better if anyone else starred in it.

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