Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World

My knowledge of Big George Foreman accumulates to two things as a child of the 90s: His name is on the greatest cooking device ever made and he started the trend of middle-aged men proving that they still got it. All that was enough to paek my interest in learning about the rest.

Of course, I’m aware of his big fight with Muhammad Ali but this has to be the first movie that told the story from his perspective (Not surprising sense he did not have the favorable outcome). I learned a lot about Foreman that was really inspiring. It was also a great boxing movie, absolutely a great contender for one of the best sports movies ever made, which surprises me how low key its release was.

It’s covering a lot so it goes by a little too fast, but the Info is solid and engaging. Forest Whitaker and Sona Sohn are the only two recognizable names but the dude who plays Foreman himself was absolutely excellent in the role. The physically transformation from becoming 19-year Foreman to 45-year-old Foreman was worthy of an Oscar nod at least (if you believe what they say about winning an Oscar)
Big George Forman throughs a good punch.

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