The Vanishing on 7th Street

Far more hunting than I imagine
I had to watch it a second time to really feel it.
The only survivors when some sort of dark force snatches everyone up in the city, have to keep close to a light source to prevent the shadows from grabbing them. This struggle gets harder as the sun raising in the sky becomes more limited and ghost from their regular lives try to lore them into the darkness.
It the type of movie you do not want t see in the dark or you can get scared by the shadows, which is why it’s so brilliant that john opens the movie playing a movie projectionist at an AMC. John also gives the best performance out of all three actors as a man not fully happy with his lonely existence making him more accessible to cross over.
Three people along with a little boy trapped in a bar that has the only light scored in the city trying to figure out what’s going on and attempting to find a new light source in a desperate attempt to see if there love ones still exist.
It was slightly frightening depending on what you believe is going on, and the film is smart not to tell you. Leaving it totally up to you makes it about what personally makes you scarred when things go bump in the night.
A decent horror film worth taking a look at.