It’s interesting, when I saw the poster of the movie, I recognized all the white actors in the movie but had no clue who the guy playing Sweetwater is. That tells you something about the movie and the error its projecting.

Sweetwater should have been more famous than he was, if I’m going by the movie, Jackie Robinson’s fame came from the fact that he was the first to break the color barrier in athletics on a major scale. What this dude did was literally change the game. Before Sweetwater nobody was playing like Sweetwater, not in the NBA anyway. His fight seemed more about changing to rules of the game that allowed for more style and finance. At least for me as a basketball fan that was my favorite part and i wanted to see more than I got.

Yeah, it’s a lot of scenes about a group of white men who seem to have the fate of one black dude in their hands, but the best part of the movie is watching Sweetwater play the game and change it. That made this movie.

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