Not surprise that the role of Dracula was made for Cage. He was exactly what I expected, and it was worth the ticket to have fun watching Cage Do Cage with the best hair he had in years.

Of course, as Dracula, Cage plays the villain and the movie is about Renfield, in a funny plot that suggest that this movie is somewhat a sequel to the iconic 1931 movie, which tells his origin (Well every Dracula movie technically does). Somewhat poking fun of the times, Renfield, done brilliantly by Nicolas Hoult, attempts to deal with the 80-year spell the Prince of Darkness had over him as a ghoul by joining a support group that thinks he’s just having problems at work with his boss.

It’s a funny situation that basically makes the entire movie. I can’t say that revolving the entire movie on this idea was more than just workable, they stretched the joke out well enough to keep me giggling all throughout the movie and they did it well enough not to wear it down, but it was not Laugh out loud.

Liked Awkwafina in the film as well, but once again her sub plot is a cliché formula that was not bad but it was definitely more about what she can do. Someone else may have been better at the part but not as interesting.

Ben Swartz was an interesting villain. They played it for laughs but I though the situation would have made for a pretty good serous horror movie.

The action was really good, a nice combo of fight sequences and gore that was done well.

But for me its all about Cage and when he was on the screen, even when it seemed laughable and corny it was still brilliant. That’s all that I was waiting for, and he never let me down.

Worth a ticket cause it was a fun time.