Ride On

It’s a role that’s perfect for Chan as he plays an aged stuntman who hit hard times in every sense of the word, which forces him to confront the sacrifices he made in his life in the personification of his daughter who he lost contact with, but he gets a second chance thanks to his love of a horse he’s trained to do stunts.

If Jackie Chan was attempting to get that Oscar, it was a good attempt. The man has spent 50 years physically giving his all on the big screen as an action star. Now in his old age he’s trying to give it all emotionally as an actor and there was no better movie to do it in than Ride On, where he has nothing but empathy with what his character must be going through.

Jackie Chan maybe seasoned but he’s got the experience to make his most basic tricks still exciting. The fight scenes are smaller and less dangerous, but that rhythm is still like a dancer doing the two steps with feeling. He’s still got it and he’s still doing it right!

On, and that horse that acts like his co-star. That horse was doing some really good acting. I was feeling everything it was doing.

Ride On is also one of those great movies about movies. One of the greatest stuntmen in the world gives us a look at the history of stuntmen from where Jackie Chan came from to where China is now with the stuntman now.

Always a little nervous with Jackie Chan movies now that he’s pushing 70 but he seems to understand his lane with Ride On and it was amazing to just role with it.