Batman vs. Two-Face

Nostalgia Heaven!

The best part of this movie is that it works like a fantasy episode of the 1966 Batman series. When I saw the movie was going to be using that 66 style for the animation, I said to myself they had to use a well-known name to paly Two-Face and they did not let down: William Shatner.  What makes this the best casting of all is that there is a multiverse out there in which William Shatner totally guest starred as Tw0-Face on a two-part episode of Batman 66. Man! Granted, we are talking full fan boy nostalgia here. Afterall, Star Trek, which was made at a different studio for a different network did not pop off from the jump like Batman did in 66, so other than being the guest star of a really cool episode of the twilight Zone, no one was thinking that anyone would want to see Shatner as the guest villain of the week.

Still, William Shatner as two-face made this sequel to Return of the Cape Crusaders, and of course an amazing final episode of Batman 66 is a fitting end to the great Adam West. Rest in Power Bright Knight

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