Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Great animated film

It did not occur to me until I was watching the film that Batman and the Shredder may have a conflict. The shredder I know is a formidable match to take on all four turtles at the same time and there is no doubt that Batman can handle all four Heroes in a half shell coming at him at once. So, to me that sounds like Shredder vs. Batman is the real fight we came here to see and this movie does not let me down at all.  Even better than what I expected it to be because this animation did not water down the adult content when it came to this match up and it set the tone for what the rest of the movie came to be.

Amazing action-packed animation that never slows down in its flow. It just ran though beautifully and amazingly. I was holding off on this one because I would have to pay for it on my Amazon Prime but it was worth the four bucks when it came to action.

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