My interest in this movie comes from watching the real guy when I was a kid right after Barney and friends, but when I looked up his name, Bob Ross, as it turns out this is not a biopic.

Owen Wilson tells a joke exploiting Ross’ Posthumous fame on the internet that pokes fun of the concept that Joy of Painting consist of 40-year-old footage watched by like 3 or 4 generations who watched it as if though they were the 1st despite how outdated his fashion sense was for all the generations. Adding to the joke is the relevant concept of how fulfilling and addicting being famous to a handful of people (in this case the locals who watch Wilson’s character on PBS somewhere in Maine) can make a person feel. An interesting idea about the levels of selling out vs. Being true to your art.

It was funny when I saw the trailer and I thought Wilson was playing Bob Ross and that the Joy of Painting guy used his statis as an artist to get laid. Its less funny now that I know it’s not Bob Ross. I see what they are trying to do but it was not funny. Paint was good for some obvious puns that made me giggle but no solid laughs.

It was supposed to be one of those quirky films that made fun of the mundane, but it was mundane without being interesting. It was very not interesting.

Not worth seeing.