John Wick Chapter 4

Far better than I was expecting. Not that I thought it was going to be a bad movie in the slightest, but I was not expecting to be so bedazzled by it. John Wick has stepped up to the plate and hit that man meal out of the park every single time. Keanu Reeves and filmmaker Chad Stahelski have done everything in their power to keep the action constant.

The odd part about that is that this movie did not have the best action sequences out of all the movies, but it did have the most in depth story. That itself is odd considering that John Wick movies are not about story at all. That is why this whole thing started over the fact that the son of some crime boss killed the dog his late wife gave him. It’s a humorous plot that commits to the Franchise’s statie of action films, but this movie decides to take itself a little more serious than all the others. Surprising but not bad.

Then you have the action, done by some of the best in the world. John Wick four feels like one of those episodes of the Mandalorian that’s not about the Mandalorian at all. Afterall when you have Donnie Yen in the movie you want to make sure he’s doing as many cool action sequences as possible, which means that there were a few times in this movie in which John disappears to allow others to shine. Great as far as the action.

Also great, Scott Adkins in a fat suit. Now I want them to do a spin off movie with Scott Adkins in that fat suit.

I would keep going but I do not want to be as long as the movie was. Do not worry you don’t even notice. The film is too hard hitting for that.

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