Grey Lady


Could have been better.

Maybe the filmmakers wanted the film to be slow in order to fit the environment the film

Takes place in and that’s Nantucket. A Boston cop comes to the area to find the man that killed his partner (both professionally and personally).

I’m a fan of John Shea as an actor but does not appear in the film much. After seeing the movie, I’m not that big of a fan of him as a director as well. I’ve seen enough movie to see some sloppy work when I see it. Maybe not all his fault as filmmaking is collaborate but still the timing was so off in a lot of it.

Eric Dane is a big guy who looks familiar. I feel a bad breakup guy like that this should have been more of an action movie. Or at least he should have been a more hard ass drunken Boston cop (I mean these dudes did kill the woman having his baby.

Remember wings? Nantucket don’t seem big enough to garner their show and this movie.

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