Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Man! I can’t believe how good that movie was!

So, I heard that the movie is nothing like the game. That means nothing to me because I never played the game so I’m unfamiliar. I can only judge the movie for what it is and what it is a Fabulous adventure.

Far as I’m concern Chris Pine made it to the mountain top of fame playing Captain Kirk in the Star Trek Reboot and he very, very much so feels like the captain of a very different Star ship in this movie. He’s brought that energy to the role and was really getting into it.

Michell Rodriguez also embraces what made her famous in this role. She’s just the tough warrior chick and her fighting scenes are fantastic.

Also, a fan of Justice Smith who plays a Wizard and Sophia Lillis who plays…A shape shifter of some sort.

Oh, and I have to give props to Hugh Grant. He just did Guy Richie’s new flick, Operation Fortune and plays a similar comedic and charming villain. Not too much of a side step from his romantic lead past.

As a movie it follows greatly the Role-Playing Game formula when it comes the characters and they picked some good actors to play each character.

The story, or should I say Adventure, was amazing. It was big and epic and there was a lot too it without being long winded. Technically, like a game they went on missions that leveled up as they progressed.

I never played the game so I cannot prepare and tell you its true to the game. I can only tell you this movie was so much fun and that’s important to have fun in the movie theater.