Heroes of the East.


I saw something online that said this was one of the greatest ninja movies of all time. I completely forgot that’s why I rented it on Netflix. Especially, when the DVD trailers started to focus on old school Kung fu flicks that the Wu Tang Caln named themselves after.
An int interesting Kung fu flick from the start, it’s about a Chinese man who marries a Japanese woman. It’s the usual tiffs of a couple that are from different worlds. With one exception…their arguments get real physical.
The main issue in the movie is whose marshal art is better Japanese or Chinese. It’s not that the hubby does not want his woman to know how to through down, but he feels that straight to the point karate and judo chops are not elegant enough for the lady of the house and she should pick up the art of Chinese boxing.
It’s still almost like a man trying to covert his wife to a new religion and she just won’t do it, so she has to prove her fighting skill better.
Now in doing so the movie does explore some origins of ninjistu that you might not get in other movies. The film examines the ninja simply as a marshal art and not on some mythical metaphor like most other films.
I was expecting more of an action flick, which it has plenty off, but the concept the Kung fu is being use to tell the story for is more like a romantic comedy (possible the greatest rom com I ever scene at that).
It becomes more than that when this dude’s wife goes back home to Japan to complain about her husband and her marshal arts family goes back to china to show this guy a thing or two.
Gordon Lu is amazing. At this prime he was fantastic.
I don’t think I’ve ever scene crab style fighting in a movie before, that was cool.