Big Business



I remember as a kid seeing ads for this on TV all over the place. Wonder how it did at the box office? It’s actually a funny movie with some great laughs but I will say the joke lingers on for too long. Lilly Tomlin and Bette Miller (back in the day I would had said that the other way around) play two sets of twins mismatched at birth with the obvious cliché of one set growing up in high society while the other growing up country bumpkins and a series of business ventures (hence the title) has the sisters meeting up for the 1st time snice their birth at the Plaza Hotel.

It’s a simple movie done simply but it was funny…at first. The Joke is that the sets of twins don’t know about each other and neither do any of the other people in their lives so when both sets are in the hotel, they constantly are confused for one another which is where the laughs come in.

However, (spoiler alert). The Joke gets worn out before the twins discover one another and the third act wraps up with a happy ending that points out how stupid this simply plot is.

Yet, I am a sucker for a film set in New York and like I said it has some decent jokes. Oddly enough I actually enjoyed how horrible the special effects of the 80s were that allowed Bette and Lilly be two people at once.