Brooklyn Rules



It’s funny; the only Italian in the movie is Jerry Ferrara. Why did the movie version I saw mark it as being released in 2007? I forgot that the dude from Entourage and Power used to be a little more plumped, but his boyish good looks are particularly babyish in this movie, so it is hard to believe that it was made in 2007, possibly just released.


Scott Caan is not Italian, either. I feel Caan is working off the fame of his father, James Caan, who got to play one of the most famous italains in cinema history Sonny Corleone in one of the most famous movies about Italians, the Godfather.


I wonder if Alec Baldwin is Italian? Once again, I could be wrong about this, but Baldwin has that New York flavor that makes him seem Italian.


Then you have Freddy Prinze Jr., whose not Italian. He’s famous for his Latino Heritage thanks to his father, comedian Freddie Prinze.


I’m not judging; all I’m saying is if this movie had come out in 2023 when I saw it for the 1st time the idea of a movie about three very different men who all happen to be destitiveltly Italian, and I do mean distinctly as that was a big part of the story arch. That may have been a significant problem.


I don’t know if the same problem existed in 2007 or when this movie was made. If I had to guess, the film was made more around the turn of the century because of the casting. Particularly Prinze and Caan, who at the time were the young heartthrobs of the industry; ironically for Prinze, a part of the pretty white kids with problems era of the late 90s to early 2000s. The question I have is did this movie possibly go unnoticed because not enough Italian Americans are represented in an Itaslian-American movie?


Despite my nick picks, I loved the film. It was perfectly executed as a film about three dudes who have been boys since childhood. Cann, Prinze, and Jerry Ferrara had the chemistry to make the friendship believable. Worth watching.