One of the best action films I ever saw. I’ve seen a lot of Bollywood films and this one takes the cake from beginning to end.

Bollywood always turns up everything to elven, with the manliest heroes teaming up with the most desirable women to see India form the badest of baddies using some unbelievable feats of strength that would make Arnold and Sly be like “You’re totally over doing it” but it’s absolutely fun.

It’s been a while snice I’ve seen a good Bollywood film in theatres and this one’s got me wanting more. The action sequences are amazing. It looks like the CGI department have made it to Hollywood level. I see some Bollywood movies where it’s obvious nothing is real, but Pathann blends it in and makes it look sooo sweet.

The music was really good in this movie too. That score perfectly went with the elaborate cinema (but still not all into them breaking into a Disney-like song and dance)

Plus, as it turns out I know just enough about the Bollywood movie seen to totally gosh over a super star cameo that creates the idea of a shared Bollywood Universe. They’re getting all Marvel on us.

Hollywood trends are now about spending no money to put too much talk in their action films, but Bollywood still fully gets the purpose of action. Pathann proves this.