You People

Not a surprise, I guess.

What did I know about this movie? Eddie Murphy is in it. For me he still has the stigma that I’m gonna get some good laughs if he does this movie. Jonah Hill is in this movie. I think Jonah Hill is funny. He has the perfect wit for Eddie to bounce jokes off of. I also saw in the trailer Nia Long is in it and I felt she was a fine enough actress for Eddie to bounce jokes off of.

None of that happened. Julia Louis Dreyfuss and David Duchovny are also in the movie, and they were ready to make us laugh, and they did but it was so minimal. Can’t say I did not laugh but I was hoping this cast would give me far more than they did.

There was a point in which comedian Mike Epps, who gave me bigger laughs than Murphy, were doing a scene together and I got nothing.

Comedian Andrew Schulz was in the movie, involved in a scene that had me giggling when I should have been busting a gut.

All I can say is Kenya Burris hit the motherload with Blackish and the universeish (I don’t know if that’s what it’s called), but he can’t replicate it. BlackAF was a very bad replication of Blackish and You People also seems to take elements Burris touched on before, (which is not a bad thing, do what you know) but somehow it just never matches the Gold he did with Blackish.

His comedy on mixed relations is getting tired, You People felt tired, and it seemed that all Eddie was doing was playing Kenya Burris and that’s not what this movie needed.

Not as bad as I am making it out to be but all I see is something that could have been so much better.