Fear (2023)

I wanted to see this film when I saw that Joseph Sikora was in it. I watch Power and binge watched the spin off Force, so it was impressive to see him do something that was not Tommy Eagan. Very convincing as mall mattered novelist who had success with one book and is working on another one. Then this white dude takes his girlfriend and his closest friends who are all black to a cabin in the woods and he thought that would somehow end well.

Fear was a movie that starts out a social commentary that honestly may have gone over with me better six or eight months ago. My level of social fear has lessened sense then. This may work on others but all I see is an indi movie that came out too late to give me the full fear it intended.

Plus, that supernatural element felt like a great story but possibly a little too complex. I felt that the filmmakers had some good talent to do some damage but instead everything was broken.
The attempt to frighten me with a real issue than present me with a decent story that was laid out very uneventfully just did not work for me.

Just very dull.