I almost did not go see it. It looks so much like the movie Searching that it was a bit of a turn off. Searching stared John Cho as a father looking for his daughter. Missing stars Storm Reid as a daughter looking for her mother. Both characters use the computer to look for these people and are filmed in the preceptive of the camera on the computer. You can say the same thing about action movies or horror movies. but the feel of seeing these characters in nothing but the point of view from a computer camera makes it feel very alike.

In comparison Searching now feels like a warmup to Missing. Missing has got some hardy meat on its bones. Where this movie goes and how it escalates works well and is well orchestrated. It had a great story to it, and it was well acted. the horror element of the movie seemed bigger than Searching. Fear for the characters wellbeing became genuine because of some good set up by some good actors.

It was exciting and fun.