Nah man!

It’s possible that I got the wrong impression for the film when I saw the promotions for it. I thought I was watching a horror film, and I guess I was watching one, but this is leading towards something too real than the more cinema horror I was expecting.

The movie is about an African nanny and her experience here in America, but then Nanny has a supernatural element to it that did nothing to progress the story, but everything to sell the story to me and possibly other horror fans. In this case it made me despise what could have been a decent character piece from a different angle.

For the most part it was slow and boring and only made worse by the little tease of something that met nothing in the long run.

I’m indifferent with being harsh cause I feel there may have been a subtlety of African culture that slipped by me. Then again, it slips by me cause Nanny was unable to hold my interest.

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