The System

I saw something on you tube about why 80s action movies are the best. After watching this I understand why. Not to say this was a terrible movie its more to say that Tyrese Gibson grew up watching the same movies I did and wanted to make one of those but in reality this is a movie Michael Jai White turned down.

Tyrese does love playing the hard dude from the streets, quiet but deadly. Ironic sense his money maker is playing a loud goofball in the Fast and Furious flicks. I’m far to convince that his real personality leans more towards Roman Peirce than the Heart of Gold Anti-Hero he tries to do outside of his car.

This is the second time that Terrance Howard played the Mr. Miyagi role, the first was when he played Chaning Tatum’s manager in a little film called Fighting (not being sarcastic, if you never heard of it I’m not surprised).

The film is about an underground prison fighting system run by Jeremy Piven (glad to see him working, honestly).  I only recognize one martial arts who I’ve seen in a few movies, Marreese Crump. He’s actually known for a style of many styles developed in prison and he debuted in a Tony Jaa film, the Protector 2. This guy gets to showcase his acting a little more but I would rather him show case his martial arts more. Not to say he did not have some wonderful moments but he could have just let Lil Yachty do the “acting”.

I will not deny how Bias I am. This movie could have been the next Blood and Bone of the Next Brawl on Cellblock 99. They wanted fights to look real but it felt more like they needed to “adjust” things for their leading man who cinematic fighting is not up to pair.

Some good stuff happen in the film that I really thought was some great thespian moments.This film was more actors trying to act when this could have been one of the best formulated B-grade action film of all time.