A Simon West Film

When was the last time Simon West was relevant? That might be the wrong word. I just know there was a time in history where Simon West was about to become as big as Michael Bay is. Remember Con Air? If I did not know better, I would have said that was a Bay film. I don’t know if Tomb Raider was his downfall, I just know that those two films did not do as well as intended. In fairness West still works steady in this industry, but I’m just surprise his name does not hold the same clout as Michael Bay, I think. Instead, West use to make what I felt were bigger than life movies, and now he seems to be making smaller movies with “big” stars.

Anyway, this is more about one of those “big” stars, Nicolas Cage, who was actually the star of Con Air as well. Cage plays a thief whose last job goes wrong, and he ends up in jail. Then when he gets out, someone on his crew who believes he still has the millions they stole kidnaps his daughter to force him to get it back.

It was a sloid action movie, but for me it’s the type of movies that Simon West should be doing in-between bigger action movies like G.I. joe the Rise of Cobra, but like The Expendables 2 he has become what feels like an on-call director for action-adventure movies. Maybe West is where he’s supposed to be and I’m just a huge fan of all his attempts to make these blockbusters, but he definitely is in my book a dude that if you see he directed a movie than that’s an action flick worth taking a look at.

Stolen is no different.