The return of the Cape Crusaders

In a time of great nostalgia comes the return of the infamous 1966 Batman.
It’s best for those who really loved the old show, but it is filled with a bunch of Bat innuendos all of us would get
As cool as it was hearing Adam West (sadly his last run as the cape crusader before going to the big bat cave in the sky) and Burt Ward, reprise their roles as the Dynamitic Duo and Julie Nemar reviving her role as Catwoman. It was a little sad not hearing the voices of Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith, and Cesar Romero as The Riddler, The Penguin and The Joker, respectively. They all already entered that Batcave in the sky many years ago, but while most may not give a fuck about who voices the villains those who watched the show as kids will see the difference. (Those of us who grew up with Kevin Conroy and mark Hamilton playing the best of arch enemies totally understand.)
What I like about the film
Is what it actually added to the old show. They could not show us. Like exactly how they change costumes when they slide down the poles? (Although the explanation is physical impossible in live action) and things like the tunnel of the Batcave which blends 2d and 3d animation.
I have to say that the trivial fan fair the film gives us is cool, but it lacks the energy the original show had. That’s saying something simply cause of want I said before about the animation giving us something extra that the live action tv show can’t, it seems to forget the vibrate energy all the characters gave us.
I see this more in the fight scenes which were pretty fluid, and action packed on the show but I’m not feeling it, here. Similar plot to the Batman 1966 movie with Batman and Robin’s four best adversaries teaming up to take down the cape crusaders, but it has a twist as a drug Catwoman tries to control Batman with slowly turns him into a mad man (or rather a man crazier than he already is) and he tries to save Gotham by taking it over. In order to save Batman and Gotham, Robin teams up with Catwoman. The whole thing leads to a Kooky plan that frees some of the other memorable villains from the show giving us more geek goosebumps (or at least that was the plan. Though I loved the shows version of Mr. Freeze it did not go down as cool as I thought.).
The Batnipped batman did actually point out the strangeness in (like the fact that Bruce Wayne running around dressed as a bat with a young teenage boy by his side makes him as crazy as the criminals he puts away (but not in those words)
I remember when this shit hit theatres for an exclusive engagement. I was dying to go but unfortunately, I missed it. Now watching it, I’m not sure I feel as bad. Definity had its cool moments and gave a lot of extras to the iconic 66 tv show that actually did more for batman than Tim burton’s or Christopher Nolan’s versions, but they fueled the thing with trivia and left out the magic.