R.I.P.D 2

Why would someone make a sequel to RIPD?

This movie starts off on the wrong foot as it’s the sequel to one of the worst movies made (right?). I will say when you have Ryan Reynolds star in one of the worst movies ever, that means there is something to clown about so RIPD has a humorous place within me to start part 2 off with.

Nothing to lose they make a prequel to RIPD taking place in the old wild west in which the dude from Burn Notice, Jeffrey Donovan, who’s been in a lot of things I watch lately, plays a small-town sheriff who joins what still seems like the undead version of the Men in Black and gets partnered with a women warrior who’s a veteran of the agency snice the 1600s. They take the resurrected forms of two black women (At a time in which being either or was even tougher than it is now) in order to bring the law to the big bad played by, needed far more screen time, Richard Brake.

I would love to sit here and tell you that this was far better than the original, I really would because that would be taking another funny poke at Mr. “I’m Deadpool now, and thus a superstar!”, but it’s not. it’s got good action and more diversity, but they could have stop there with the social commentary (certain plot elements scream coronavirus). What it does got going for it is a play for laughs factor. For where it came, I could not take it seriously and thus there was no pressure for this movie to be all that good, just be watchable for 90mins.

Let’s hope for the filmmaker’s sake that’s all they wanted.

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