The Menu

Humorist tale of the extremes one will go to over their art.


I would have said this movie was unbelievable a month ago but that was before I saw an extreme artist loose a billion dollars in one day. Ralph Fiennes plays a culinary artist, the best in the world whose makes an 8-course meal worth 12,000 dollars a course, well its actually worth more than that as a group of the one percent find out.

An Excellent ensemble cast with my favorite being Nicholas Holt as the most die hard foodie ever, the great John Leguizamo as an old actor trying to hold on to his fame by hobnobbing with the greatest chief in the world and Judith Light from Who’s the boss, as Ronnie Cox’s drunken wife.

I could not help but to laugh out loud at the extremity of it all, it was just a very cool movie that found a way to poke fun at the type of artist that would cut their ear off.

Really enjoyed it.

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