Armageddon Time

That was a pleasant surprise

I really enjoyed this one. It’s a small picture with a big message. Armageddon Time was an honest movie, sometimes painfully honest about how the world works and how unfair it is and kind of sad how young the children in the movie had to learn that lesson.
If feels like a very personal coming of age story about a boy at the start of the 80s, an artist at heart trying to find himself, living under a roof with a family that does not fully understand him, except his grandfather played by Sir Anthony Hopkins, and he meets a friend who gets him, but the cultural divides of Queens over 40 years ago will test that bromance.
Armageddon time hits hard with the life lesson that would upset some and sadden others yet despite this it was an absolutely amazing film to see with an amazing cast of characters.
Thumbs up!