Debt Collectors

I understand why they made a sequel; The Debt Collector was pretty good. Then again, the career Marshal art super star, Scott Adkins laid out really means you don’t really have to make a sequel, just a movie with the same folks from this movie in a different environment.

I guess someone wanted to revisit these characters and I totally get that. If you love the Debt Collector, you will…like Debt Collectors for the same reasons. Scott Adkins gets to show more acting chops delivering some pretty keen monologs like he was in a Taratino film or something. Plus, he has good chemistry with louis Mandylor., who I’ve been a fan of since Marshal Law and love the fact that these two are making a movie together. They even have one awesome fight scene with each other.

Part 2 is definitely not holding my attention like the original did.

Oh well, a sequel not as good as the original. What else is new?

Still worthy of taking a look, though.

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