Green Lantern: Beware my Power

The animation was great! Some of the best animation I’ve seen for the DC animated universe, or what is it called now? The tomorrowverse? Is that a thing?

Visually stunning all the way from the flow of the action scenes to how that lantern energy was produced. It was all top notch.

I can’t blame an animated feature for putting all their cash in the animation, but they could have left some for the writers. This story was weak. I would say it was watered down, but I noticed if felt like too much and too long, and the long story allowed me to see things about the story that were flawed, something anyone can pick up if you know just a small bit about the green lantern.

Then the voice over did nothing to make the long and weak story interesting. Not that the voice talent of Aldis Hodge as John Stewart was not great. He was the reason why I wanted to see it. It was one of those situations where it felt like not one was in the same room when recording this. It was put together in a way that felt like no one was really having a conversation just reciting words and that did not help an already weak story.

As far as animated Green Lantern movies go, Green Lantern: First Flight is still on top (Actually, hands down the best Green Lantern movie)
Green Lantern: Beware my Power may have worked better as a 5-part miniseries over a movie, but still the animation was excellent.

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