Phantom Boy

Children’s  superhero movie

So I was looking for something to watch, and this film came jumping out me. An animated movie called Phantom Boy sounds amazing, and it does not disappoint.

A police officer laid up in the hospital meets a child suffering from cancer who discovers he has the ability to astro project his mind out of his body, which he uses to help this wheelchair bound cop save the city from a deformed criminal.

Sounds amazing right? It was that, indeed.

France produces some really good animated features, I just seen April and the Extraordinary World, which was fantastic.

Although the animation itself is not doing much for me, the story telling is fantastic. A little boy dealing with the illness of cancer with a super power that allows him to leave his body for a while, adds a lot of depth to the superhero element.

When I brought the ticket I did not realize that I was paying for the English dub instead of French with English sub titles. Though the English dub featured big stars like Fred Armisen and Vincent D’Onofrio, it was Jared Padalecki,possibly best known for his role Supernatural that really stood out, playing a cop who takes risk and ends up in the hospital, and needs the Phantom Boy to help him find the criminal.

It’s a very sweet movie. I think it did a great job in talking about what kids go through when they are in the hospital with a critical illness and are staying there for a large amount of time, and what their families go though, watching their kid and are unable to do anything. All wrapped up in a story about courage an heroism.

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