Don’t Worry Darling

I have to admit I went into this film with low expectations. I go to the movies enough that I’ve been watching the trailer to this flick for almost a year now. Seriously, out of all the flicks I saw this year no film has made me wait as long snice the time I saw the trailer back in the spring. At this point I just needed to see what it was all about.

I came out of this movie liking it. At first, I thought it was dull and mundane as we went through this woman’s life. Maybe that’s what Oliva Wayde was going for as I’m sure the movie was filled with less obvious metaphors that I did not understand or even wanted to, honestly.
It was a mystery and when the mystery was revealed I have to stay I was quite satisfied with the end results. The fact that this mystery dropped clues that did not actually lead to solving the puzzle but in fact made a bigger puzzle did not weigh too heavy on how much I like where the movie went. It was worth all the superficial fluff.

I could be missing the depth of it because the film was not directed to me, but there were certain parts that reminded me of Get Out and the empathy made it an exciting experience overall.