The cool thing about time is that when I tell people this movie could have been better, thanks to the recent Daredevil TV series they can see what I’m talking about.


To be fair Hollywood was willing to make these movies in the turn of the century but felt they were too cartoonish, so they made steps to “fix” that. It’s actually funny that Kevin Finge, who would later go on to master superhero movies was involved with this.


My biggest fault with the movie is Matt Murdock himself, played by Ben Affleck. Affleck never convinced me he was good enough for this role. When I heard, he was going to play Batman, i said to myself “he’s not Batman” but once I saw him in the cape and the cowl I was too willing to give him a chance. Now, I’m sadden that we will never get the Batffleck movie we all deserve. Never while watching this dude play the man without fear did I ever feel that way. He was wrong back then and he’s still wrong for this part. I give Affleck the A for effort as he knows how to put it all in for a role, but I just was not convince.


Now who did convince me was Michela Clark Duncan. Duncan as the kingpin was perfect, almost as perfect as Xavier being played by Jen Luc Piccard. It made no never mind that he was not the right color. He was a big guy from the streets who looked good cleaned up. It just made sense and it worked out well. One of the faults of never getting a second picture was that we never saw his kingpin again, and I feel we needed that dark second movie to truly make the villain iconic.


Jon Favreau was bigger when he played Happy Hogan in iron man than he is now. Basically, played both characters the same too.


I did not think Jennifer Gardner was a good Electra either, but that did not bother me as much as Ben Affleck not being a good Daredevil. I’m surprise how much I love watching Gardner do action movies and that’s what’s doing it for me here. I did not watch alias until after I watch this movie so this was my first sight of what she could do and she did it well. Elektra is possibly a far worse movie than Daredevil but what it does do is showcase Garner as an action heroine. Far more important.


Collin Ferrell, who got the role because at the time he was the new hotness on the street. He was actually a good bullseye. I can’t remember if that’s how I felt back then what I do remember is how unnecessary that bullseye on his head was. I really hated that, but I do like how he played Bullseye.


What Daredevil has going for it is that the director did try to engulf us in the comic book. He made a good attempt to turn the comic book into a story broad to the movie and that was cool.


I wish the action sequences were better. I feel this had a lot to do with the CGI being use more for a cool effect over being effective.


I hat trashing on a movie (sometimes), but I wish I could say this movie got better with time. That it was not that bad, but its as bad as I remember.