Jeepers Creepers 3

Well, definitely not my favorite.

Can’t say it’s a bad movie but I could not help watching it and constantly thinking it could be a better movie. I will say that the times in which I saw it are affecting my enjoyment a little as the movie makes little references to the other movies other than letting you know it takes place after the first one but before the second one, and I live in a time in which a movie franchise is a movie universe, though it was cool Gina Phillips showed up to reprise her role they should have found a way to bring Justin Long back as well.

Interestingly enough, this seems to be the movie in which the Creeper’s personality seems to shine though. It’s not much of a personality, just enough that he feels more like a character, which I did not like. They are making him human which was not necessary. He’s not as cool and funny as Jason on Freddy, so I was like “nah, didn’t need it”

Even though it possibly cost the same as the other two movies Jeepers Creepers three also felt cheap for some reason. that’s strange cause the other two movies where obviously done on a shoestring budget taking place out in the middle of nowhere with very few sets. This movie had just a little more yet felt little, ironic.

I don’t want to pick on the movie, it’s not bad, it’s just the weakest link in the trilogy like most third flicks are.