Thor: Love and Thunder PG-13

I loved it! Not as good as Ragnarok, but I loved it!
It’s a bit nick picky, but it is not as good as the last Thor movie. I always expect these marvel movies to get better and better to the point that they put the movie before it to shame. Still, this sequel to the Thor branch of the Marvel cinematic universe franchise did not exceed expectations.
It had action, adventure, and humor, which I was expecting from Taika Waititi, who also directed Ragnarok, and that was great. Still, in Love and Thunder, the humor outshined the action-adventure. Not necessarily entirely a bad thing because the humor was so on point. Never did I feel a joke was dropped that did not deliver the laughs it expected, but I do feel these laughs came at the price of the action-adventure, which was lacking.
The visuals in the movie were epic. Waititi knows how to film a sci-fi Fantasy, especially one that pays homage to the 1980s (although the constant use of Gun and Roses songs was not as spectacular as using Immrgant song by Led Zepplin twice in Ragnarok). As the movie progressed, the visuals got better and better to the point where a complete introduction of a marvel comics character making his first full appearance in the cinematic universe was breathtaking. Waititi was working that camera.
The performances from the whole cast were good. I could go on about how great Chris Hemsworth is as Thor and his fantastic chemistry with Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie but what impressed me was Natalie Portman’s return as Jane Foster (AKA Thor). I was not expecting much from the actress who seemed bitterly glad to end her ties with the franchise, but from the moment she appeared on the screen, she was dynamite in my book. I love every minute of her. Also, Russel Crowe’s run as Zeus was enjoyable. It solidified everything this movie was about, and you can tell he enjoyed his role. Well done!
Overall, Thor: love & Thunder was laid out like a comic book. As easily as I sat in the theater watching, was easy as if I had sat in my living room reading it. I don’t think any of these movies ever did a comic book story arch as great as Love and Thunder did, and that’s what it got going for it! Worth taking a look at!