Bevis & Butthead Do the Universe

Getting kicked in the grid never gets old.
It amazes me how sophisticated comedy has gotten when a simple joke about two horny boys trying to get laid can still make me laugh out loud.
In a story that would seem like lunacy in 1998 but in all honesty in 2022, not really, MTV’s 1st born sons destroy a science fair and are punished by a judge with the fair’s grand prize of a trip to space camp and by a pure misunderstanding that could only happen to two white males they are selected to go into space.

I’m strangely happy about the fact that Bevis and Butthead are still relevant (Despite the fact that I have not heard from AC/DC in years). From a 2022 perspective, I would have never thought their skill with providing us with such visually creative sexual innuendoes would be smart enough to challenge the woke crowd without getting canceled, but I guess that shows the Brillance of Mike Judge who only executive produced the film and provided the voices of his mark on a generation.

I do feel like the boys seem a little more mature than they did 25 years ago (a little taller too). Bevis was truly giving a standout performance, and I do wish the recurring characters from the show were more part of the story, however. Can’t get enough of Tom Anderson (but did I see an older version of Bobby Hill from King of the Hill?)

I would have never put money that this could top Do America but it’s a real close call.


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