Masters of the Universe (film)

Interesting thing I just realized with Masters of the Universe. The opening title sequences mimics Superman way too much. This must be a side effect to the fact that Canon, the b-movie studio that made Masters of the Universe is also the one that made Superman. Being very familiar with both movies, I’m guessing they had the guy who made the opening titles on payroll and just said after you’re done with Superman IV, we’ll need you to whip something up for Masters of the Universe.


Note: never disliked the movie at all. In fairness I had to have been like 8 when I saw it and being that young the only thing, I realized easily was how different it was than the cartoon and the toy line I had on the floor in my bedroom as a kid. I do not or ever have hated the film for being so different than the original story content but as a movie on its own it does ok for me.

Too bad it was not the predecessor to Cyborg, perhaps it would have done better.

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