It’s a movie that came out at the right place in the right time, it’s about a girl in France during the 60s who needs an abortion but is engulf in a culture that made this action illegal. Oh wow! Where have I heard that story before?

From a man’s point a view this might sound insensitive, but this flick was horrifying. The horrible steps this woman had to take because she lived in a world that would not give her the proper medical procedure to have it done in a healthier environment, just made the whole thing feel like a horror movie. They held nothing back when it came to DIY method of how it’s all done.

I don’t want to get too political, then again, it’s not a coincidence this movie is in American theatres now. All I’m saying is that the movie laid out a great argument for why the woman in the movie made the choice she made.

For that it’s a great film because I felt spoken to instead of preached to.

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