The Bad Guys

An animation gem!


So, it looks to me that the Bad Guys was influenced by the anime Lupin the third. Makes perfect sense, so many animated movies and series are. Sam Rockwell’s Big Bad Wolf is a total play on this. Although I did notice that Disney’s Seeing Red has a similar look so it looks like anime is getting even more intergraded in everything. I’m good with it!


The actual story is by the numbers. These animated features love the idea of teaching children to think outside the box and rising above what the world thinks you are, in a movie that’s story arch could not have been more obvious if they tried, but that animation was so good that I’m too focus on it to care.


It’s a good ensemble cast of characters. the Wolf, the Shark, the Tarantula (Played by Awkafina, a fav in this movie, just really cute), the Parana, and the Snake. It was a good crew and it’s kind of great how the character and the voices all gel together.


But really, I can’t stop talking about the animation. Its realty worth it to watch things unfold. Lots of good kinetic energy, the moving pictures never slow down and consistently lively throughout. Flawless.


Thumbs up.