The Players Club

Gangsta rapper Ice Cube never seemed like the dude you would expect to be a comedy icon. Yet he created Friday and set the standard.
He’s actually a good straight man to the biggest comedians around. Though that’s not what he’s actually doing in this movie as he’s too busy behind the scenes in the director’s chair.
He has some top notch comic gold in the film with Jamie Fox, Bernie Mac and Charlie Murphy.
An all star in comedy in a movie laid out like its the blaxploitation film, car wash, just a series of events that happen around the Players Club.
Although there is a main plot in with Lisa Raye in her first film playing a college student working at a strip club (vs. a stripper going to college (What!? Slight difference, like if her arch rival/ one night stand stripper, Crystal were to go to college she would definitely be a stripper going to college.
I remember jamming to the sound track to this movie, particular the theme song, “We be clubin” ( everybody likes when the girls shake something, don’t hurt nothing).
Is it a classic like Friday? Not met to be, but it’s worth having on hand to watch. Funny.