Band Slam

So, this turned out to be a decent film altogether.
At first, I thought it was dumb, cause technically it did start out dumb. Above the formulated teen flick, it was I was not really into the main character Will. His passion for music seemed pompous, but then I realized two things 1. It’s actually very Teenage how he reacts to things (I forget this movie is about rock music but not catered to me) and 2. He is pompous. As cool as I think David Bowe is, Will does act like the type of dude that’s totally into his music (which is not my scene)
That’s kind of surprising cause I actually like the music being played. With Vanessa Hudgens in the film, I was expecting some straight up Disney pop shit, but the fictional band the movie is about actually sounds great (Well, all except the one song Vanessa Hudgens sings with the band cause its very Disney pop)
The film does truly elevate into something that stands out. It’s one of those situations where you can see the ending at the very beginning, but it has really strong twist and turns that add depth and emotion to the story.
I was not expecting much but I got something I can watch.