The Misfits (2021)

Well, if Pierce Brosnan had a better ensemble cast playing more developed stock characters that may have done it.

I never thought either which way about heist movies but ironically, after seeing this very weak one I realized I’m a fan of the genre, but it has to be done right (Actually, I’m sure I’ve seen plenty of awfully done heist flicks I enjoyed better than this).

Nick Cannon does a voice narration (always a gun to the head in any movie) and after he explains what’s about to happen, is the moment I start to lose interest. Not even Nick Cannon as the guy telling the story, Ringo is a character worth remembering.

Brosnan, Canon, Jamie Chung and Tim Roth are only worth me paying attention to because they are the only names in the film I know. They got this hot actress playing Brosnan’s daughter but being easy on the eyes only showcased uselessness of her character, which points out the uselessness of the whole ensemble. That’s bad.

The heist in itself goes buy so fast that I could not explained it to you. Perhaps in an attempt to simplify the plot for everyone to follow that simplified it so much for everyone to miss.

Looks great. Helps that the movie seems to be filmed and Abu Dhabi and it’s the first time I’ve seen an entire film done in the place. That was cool.

Good? Bad? Doesn’t matter. There are just better movies to watch.