The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Wicked horror film!

This movie is silent  but gruesome.
It’s about a father and son autopsy team that get a slab that makes ghostly shit happen in the office.

One of those bump in the night type stories, but it starts out this kinda crazy CSI like joint with Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox as father and son Tilden doing the family biz of cutting open dead bodies like they’ve been doing for three generations. Pappa Tilden tries to get his son to focus on the body in front of him as he cuts them up to determine how they died but Tilden Jr. can’t help but to look for the why this person came to them.

Then, Jane Doe walked into their lives, a beautiful naked corpse that pretty impressively had so much personality, despite the actress who played Jane Doe’s primary function was to lie there and have herself mutilated in the name of investigative science.

Things started going strangely shortly after with both men puzzled by the perfect dead body, and understanding how she died would not be enough.

Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch actually made an impressive team. They were a perfect dad teaching the son the craft combo, but what was really impressive was how the actress that played the dead body was able to captivate you just as good as any monster in the movies

Be ready for some eerie jumps of fear out of your seat in what turned out to be a very satisfying horror movie.