For the Love of Money

It was real formulated, but that formula works!
This was so formulated; it would not surprise me if a computer wrote the script.
The protagonist got hit hard by life and is force to find finical gain in crime “but I’m gonna get out once my finical situation is good”, sure (rolling eyes), but the film is called For the Love of Money so you know, easier said than done.
But for real, Kerri Hilson was way easy on the eyes, which made it very likeable to watch her play the protagonist in this By-the-numbers movie (She was not so good that I did not notice that every dude in this flick is like half her size (is she really that tall?).
I’ve seen DC Young Fly do better. I’ll give him credit, I’m use to seeing him do comedies and this was a more of a drama, and it just did not fully fit this time.
But you know who did kill it? Katt Williams. If there was an award for special guest star who does a couple of scenes for a weeks’ worth of work and gets paid the big bucks so they can put him on the Straight to DVD box and say he’s in the movie, than Katt Williams just won that (unless Bruce Willis came out with a movie this year (He’s the master of it). Kat was eating up all the scenes and blew it away. Loved everything about seeing him in this movie, one hundred percent.
Also want to give the movie credit for the melodrama. It was laid out pretty well considering it was a movie not a TV show, which has more time to make the emotional connections this movie had to do in like two hours. (Ironically, those emotional connections made it easier to see loop holes in the story).
This would be a good time to give a shout out to Lisa Raye who showed some real acting chops as a supporting thespian. She way to young and hot to be playing a grandma, but she put her all into it and she was not stingy with her acting position, which was just to movie the story along, and she did it like an Oscar winner.
At this point I should mention Keith Sweat, whose overblown cameo was used just to move the soundtrack along.
Overall, I enjoyed this movie. Its plot is so general you know the ending before the movie really even starts but it was filled with enough good characters that it made it entertaining.

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