House of Gucci


I herd Lada Gaga was really good in this movie. I would not say I’m overly impress; I will say I was greatly entertained by her performance. She definitely ate up the scenery.

I also want to give credit to Jared Leto who also gave a scene steeling performance whenever he was on the screen.

Al Pacino and Jeremey Irons were good but not as good as Gaga and Leto. They got to be entertaining but like everyone else acting in the movie they were mostly straight men for Gaga to go off on, and even though Adam Driver should have been enough of a straight man for Gaga, he wasn’t. Driver is a good actor but this was not his thing.

This movie was hard to take seriously and I hope that was the intension. A lot of parts in this movie made me laugh but I was never quite sure if that was the intension. It felt like a Soap Opera and was just as ridiculous sometimes.

All of this made for a really food film to watch. I was into it, it made me chuckle and it did not bore me. I say, great flick.

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