Miami Connection

This movie could not be more cheesy if it tried.

Who else but a group of ninjas are bold enough to bring a knife to a gunfight?

When i was reading the synopsis that influenced me to watch this, the movie info said it was released in 2012, so i was thinking that this was a parody of the early 80s ninja craze, but the moment i started the flick, as it turns out it is a 80s action flick that most likely was done during the ninja craze, which made it even funnier.

A literal band of Martial artist calling themselves Dragon sound, singing Power Ranger-like anthems like “ageist the ninja”  and “friends for eternity”are fed up that a group of ninjas are taking over the drug cartel in Central Florida and due something about it.

Dragon sound does have a power ranger feel for real too. Five dudes with one Asian and one black dude for diversity and mixing things up the 6th ranger is actually a woman who joins the group as a vocalist. Now technically, the Asian guy should be the Red Ranger, but his acting is greatly affected by him lacking a grasp of english, but what he lacks in acting he barely makes up for in stunt choreography.

The acting is so subpar that its like slicing through a thick harden dry piece of ham, and they had to nerve to show far too many scnees with these guys bonding when I came here to see chop socky at its cornest.

But I must admit for all its movie production flaws i love films like this. it feels like some Taekwondo black belt befriended some filmmakers and they were like “i can scrape together two cents to make a martial arts film”