Steel Magnolias

So I watched Steel Magnolias back to back with Terms of Endearment. what was it about these chick flicks of the 1980s being a light hearted comedy with the most tragic deaths? I think this was just a way for white women in hollywood to get attention or something.

Chick flick maybe an improper term for what Steel Magnolias is. It does not feel like a movie I would be force by my girlfriend to see. It feels like a movie my mom would love (metaphorically, this shit is not up my mother’s ally (my grandma would love it).

Then again, I’m actually pretty old. Old enough to have a mature woman who would cry over a bunch of older women bonding like family over the death of one of them.

I won’t lie, the part where the great ensemble cast of white women are bonding (which happens a lot in the flick) does make me misty eyed (honestly unless someone physically hurts me i don’t cry). It really was a really good cast of characters too: love the chemistry between Shirley McClain and¬†Olympia Dukakis. Loved Darah Hannah in this movie, and wow Julia Roberts wowed in an early role. Also love watching Dolly Parton in movies.

Steel Magnolias was worth seeing…once