Dear Evan Hanson

Ben Platt looked too old to play a teenage boy. The five o’clock shadow gave him away.

Lucky for us his acting was so on point you have to forgive his wrinkled face.

I heard of Dear Evan Hansen but never knew what it was about.

Knowing the plot made it something I wanted to see.

It was obvious by the trailer that it was a musical but I went to see it anyway. Glad I did. I zoned out on the musical numbers. Let’s be honest only Ben Platt seem to be really able to hold a tune.

I’m not familiar with Platt prior to this picture so possible he played Evan Hansen in the stage production. That would explain why he sounded more natural, unnaturally breaking out into a song. Everyone else was a crash course in musical. Just suing their regular voice catch the tune

Despite the singing, overall the story was excellent and it made for an good drama.

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